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Senior Home Care Options That Have A Big Impact in Jacksonville, FL

Join our senior home care team and learn how you can make a real difference in the lives of the ones you help

The senior population in Jacksonville, FL is an active bunch, and few like to think they'll need help with everyday living at some point. A survey showed that 37% of all citizens don't think they'll ever need help as they age. The reality, though, is quite different. The estimates suggest around 69% of folks do need help around the home, at least to some degree. A career in senior home care is both challenging and rewarding. If you would like to be a part of this exciting and gratifying profession, then keep reading. Find out how a job in caregiving can make a real difference to your life and the lives of your care recipients.

How Senior Home Care Works

Just a generation ago, assisted living was the most common solution for seniors who needed help getting by with everyday living. Well, that was then and this is now. Thing have changed in recent times, and it's all good. Given the choice, almost all seniors would prefer to stay at home and age with independence and dignity, and now many of you can. Our solutions match the elder with their ideal caregiver. It then tailors this plan to suits both the client and their immediate family. The difference a professional caregiver can make in the lives of those they care for is priceless.

Four key areas a caregiver makes a real difference in the lives of the care recipient include:

  1. Maintain Independence
  2. Companionship – a vital part of senior home care for those living alone
  3. Physical and mental activity
  4. Safety & security around the home

OK, let’s look at each of these a little closer.

#1: Independence: Seniors value their independence, and ageing at home allows for this. It's important because independence means control, dignity, self-worth and fulfillment for the individual.  Independence really is key when it comes to maintaining contentment and a better quality of life.

#2: Companionship: In Jacksonville Florida, there's an estimated 25,520 seniors living alone, 71% of whom are women. Quality companionship can never be underestimated. Caregivers who provide good company make a real difference in the lives of others. Studies have shown how regular companionship helps to stage off symptoms of misery and depression in folks over 65. Furthermore, companionship is good for maintaining mental health. It also contributes towards an overall greater feeling of self-worth, independence and happiness.

#3: Physical and Mental Activity: Comfort Keepers of Jacksonville, FL, understand the importance of developing and maintaining good physical and mental activity. We have a special senior home care program that we tailor to match the specific needs of each client in our care. This unique approach gets seniors to partake in conversation, games and various physical and mental activities.

#4: Safety and Security: Caregivers of Comfort Keepers help to maintain a safe home by monitoring the local environment. We also make sure the care recipient is aware of any potential dangers to reduce their risk of accidents and injury. By good housekeeping we're able to keep the home clean, healthy and clutter-free. We also make sure there are no loose wires or other potential hazards in the way. We check and test slip mats in bathrooms and make sure any smoke or fire alarms are operational as part of our regular maintenance checks. Keeping the senior's home environment as safe and secure as it can be gives real peace of mind to the client and their families.

Is This The Right Career For You?

Caregivers don't just improve the quality of senior's—they also help to save lives. A professional caregiver has the right training so that they can spot any physical or emotional changes in mood. These could be signs of more serious underlying problems—things the senior may not have otherwise noticed themselves. The caregiver position is both demanding and rewarding. It carries with it a lot of responsibility, devotion and compassion.

Would you like to make a real difference in the lives of families in your local area through senior home care? Please contact Comfort Keepers of Jacksonville, FL to find out more. You can reach us during normal business hours at (904) 337-6039.

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